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check out the new look and feel

Here at the walkingthetalk headquarters we've been busy working on a new site look and feel. Thanks to our wonderful web designers and gurus we are almost finished. Why change you ask? Because we want our members to become more involved with this amazing website...you can post resources, meet other people and network. Be kind while we work through a few of the new blips and send us feedback if you are having trouble. all for now, Janet

Energizing Event Saturday: Why Sustainability Education?

Wow...what a great group of folks who came out on a sunny Saturday in Vancouver to dialogue and debate on the priorities and action plans for creating sustainability education in BC. We had folks from the interior, the coast and the island and all over the lower mainland attend from a range of sectors including university representatives, school teachers, ministry representatives, NGO's, school boards and ecology centres and a host of other places.

Registration is Closed - we are OVER capacity!

Thanks so much for all the interest and enthusiasm about the event this Saturday. We now have more than enough people to fill the room with insights, perspectives and ideas about how to move sustainability education forward in BC.

Throne Speech Details....

Take a look at the latest from the BC government...in regards to education and environment...

Initiatives to tackle the challenge of global warming include:

* The Province will aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 33 per cent below current levels by 2020. That target will place emissions 10 per cent under 1990 levels.

Check out what's going on in Australia with ESD

In case you are interested in what's happening in Australia:

"The Australian Government has begun the process of developing a
National Action Plan for Education for Sustainable Development (NAP
ESD). The objective of the Plan is to contribute to the achievement of a more sustainable Australia through community education and learning.

New "buddy" feature on walkingthetalk

We've just implemented a new feature on the site where you can keep a list of your contacts as "buddies" after you view their account/get in touch with them. The buddy list allows you to contact and keep track of people in your area of interest or who are in working and living in your part of the province.

Long list of links and resources...from Germany

Last year I was able to visit Luneburg, Germany to attend a conference on sustainability in higher education. I was just revisiting their site and found this great list of resources. I'll add them to our web resources when I get some free time. For now here they are: Links from http://www.uni-lueneburg.de/infu/chair/links/links.htm

250 Words by Friday Nov. 24th Help the Future of Higher Education in BC

We are looking for input - what is your vision for the post-secondary education sector in the year 2020? How are we going to get there?

The BC Working Group on Sustainability Education is asking for 250 word submissions that will form the basis of a document to submit to the Provincial Government in response to Campus 2020 initiative.

Happy Halloween

Thanks to everyone who came to the BC Working Group meeting today. We will be posting notes and updates and information very soon on the site so stay tuned. What did I learn today...that Halloween is becoming a National Holiday...and that there are a lot of amazing initiatives across BC happening in the name of sustainability. Looking for organice candy for next year? Here's an article with links to organic, fair trade goodies: http://www.thegreenguide.com/doc.mhtml?i=110&s=candy

The Launch

Thanks to everyone who attended the networking event on Friday night. I met a whole lot of new people doing sustainability education all over BC. I realise that we will have to 'take the show' on the road if we are really going to be a BC wide project. I started thinking that this website could be a place to arrange "walkingthetalk" events in cool places all over BC.

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