Headlines Theatre's 2 degrees of fear and desire: a theatrical inquiry into climate change

Headlines Theatre invites you to

2 degrees of fear and desire:
a theatrical inquiry into climate change

Joked by David Diamond

What stops us from making core behavioural change?
At this event there will be no script, no actors and no play – just “us” and our fears and desires concerning global warming.

The Sustainable University

I was sent this article and thought others would find it interesting too. Unfortunately, you need a subscription to the Chronicle of Higher Education to see the whole thing, but the first paragraph gives you a pretty good idea what it's about...

People, Profit, and Planet

Business schools find that it pays to offer programs in sustainable development


Chapel Hill, N.C.

using transit for field trips

I found this an interesting thing. It's the question of sustainable transportation for school field trips. If anyone else would like to sign the petition, the link is below.

Sustainability Educator seeking assistance from youth educators

Mike Nickerson, the Canadian author of Life, Money & Illusion, is seeking assistance from youth educators (teachers and other) who work with kids 12 years and up to assist him in adapting his adult-oriented articles into activities that are more engaging of young people.

Students Driving Change in Montreal

I thought this was a great bit of inspiration from Montreal.

A Drive for Change

The Gazette
Published: Saturday, August 11

Montreal's campuses are going green at an unprecedented pace and scale and it's clear the drive to change is coming mostly from the students themselves.

No longer content to wave placards in protest against society's wasteful ways, local students are rolling up their sleeves.

Work Less 10,000 Times

This is from Alternatives Journal. I though it was a really creative way to get the message out...

Educators might be inspired by Professor Charles Dobson of the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and his students. Dobson asked first year students to create a 30-second Public Service Announcement with the message: If you consume less, you can work less.

Things are looking up for sustainability education in BC - Kudos to the Ministry

An outstanding opportunity as Manager of the Sustainable Schools Initiative...

Site Updates

Most of you have no doubt noticed the changes to the site over the past week or so. Here's a summary of those changes and some reasons why we did what we did.

You may be aware that this site was built upon the Drupal content management system, a great framework with which to develop web sites. Since we started the WalkingTheTalk project, Drupal has been moving forward at a tremendous pace, so we've updated to the most recent version to take advantage of its fresh and tasty goodness.

Environmental Learning Along the Central Valley Greenway Information and Feedback Session

In the 2007/2008 school year, Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST) will be offering an innovative curriculum-based program called Colour Our World: Agents of Change to elementary and secondary school science, geography and physical education classes. Colour Our World will demonstrate the relationship between sustainable transportation and the liveability of our region.

May 2007 - Eco-Sense Update

Gleefully Dirty – Eco-Sense May 2007 update!

Chickens feathers and slugs have given way to pumice and curved walls. As
May comes to a close who would have imagined that playing in the mud,
learning code and experimenting with pumice would garner so much
interest, and that so much fun and excitement could come out of a

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