Got hats?

Hello all,

This arrived in my in-box just now. If you happen to be checking in on this page and live in the Vancouver area, please help if you're able.

Your spare hats can be keeping someone warm TONIGHT

Project Got Hats? is underway, and we're coming to your doorstep (if you'll have us)!
Here's what it's about. While so many of us have spare winter hats (and warm clothes, sleeping bags or blankets) clogging our closets, many of Vancouver's homeless people are struggling to stay warm. Instead of collecting dust and feeding the moths, your clothing could be keeping someone warm -- as early as tonight!
So has launched Project Got Hats? With a car donated by the Cooperative Auto Network (thanks!!), we're hitting the streets tonight from 6-9 pm, picking up your spare winter gear.
Want to chip in? Let me know by replying to this post or by email at And I'll contact you to make pick-up arrangements.
Please let me know as soon as possible, because people need help right now. Thanks for your help... and your hats!
-- Kate Dugas Online Community Moderator,
P.S. -- Please feel free to forward this message far and wide. We can make a real difference for a lot of people if we act quickly!

Resources compiled by US Partnership for Sustainable Development

List of resources compiled by the Chair of the U.S. Partnership:

U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development

250 Words by Friday Nov. 24th Help the Future of Higher Education in BC

We are looking for input - what is your vision for the post-secondary education sector in the year 2020? How are we going to get there?

The BC Working Group on Sustainability Education is asking for 250 word submissions that will form the basis of a document to submit to the Provincial Government in response to Campus 2020 initiative.

Happy Halloween

Thanks to everyone who came to the BC Working Group meeting today. We will be posting notes and updates and information very soon on the site so stay tuned. What did I learn today...that Halloween is becoming a National Holiday...and that there are a lot of amazing initiatives across BC happening in the name of sustainability. Looking for organice candy for next year? Here's an article with links to organic, fair trade goodies:

The Launch

Thanks to everyone who attended the networking event on Friday night. I met a whole lot of new people doing sustainability education all over BC. I realise that we will have to 'take the show' on the road if we are really going to be a BC wide project. I started thinking that this website could be a place to arrange "walkingthetalk" events in cool places all over BC.

Google's Global Warming Student Speakout - 2 November deadline

I received the following today and thought it might be of interest to some:

f you've been looking for new ways to engage your students in collaborative problem solving, here’s a unique opportunity to do just that.

Starting on October 17th, 2006, we’re inviting teachers to join us in a project that gives students a chance to collectively brainstorm strategies for fighting global warming -- and have their ideas published in a full-page ad in the Washington Post.

We hope this project, which should take 1-2 days to complete, helps you test the waters with software for online collaboration – and helps your students learn about the environment and civic participation.

New Events Page

YEAH! We have a new events page - see the top menu - if you are a registered user you can post events and see what is happening. Check it out HERE.

How shopping malls have become a major forum for Sustainability

How shopping malls have become a major forum for

For Alexandra, it began with a packet of seeds given by

Colorado Rocky Mountain School - an interesting example.of progressive education

I just got off the phone with a group coordinator from the Carbondale Economic Localization group in Colorado. He mentioned that there was a local high school in Carbondale that offered great environmental education.

Canadian Social Economy Hub - telelearning session October 26, 2006

Researchers and practitioners across Canada are currently grappling with a definition of the Social Economy – want to be part of the debate? Participate in an engaging telelearning session.

Join Marie J Bouchard, Canadian Research Chair on the Social Economy, and Jack Quarter, director of U of T’s Social Economy Centre, in exploring these issues:

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