walkingthetalk launch event scheduled for 20 October

The walkingthetalk team would like to invite you to a celebration of the establishment of the walkingthetalk network and the BC Working Group on Sustainability Education.

The network is an informal group from all over BC with a shared interest in sustainability education. It's about sharing resources, finding out what’s happening in other parts of the province, and learning from one another (with an ultimate goal of changing education at all levels to include sustainability!).

October Events for BC Working Group

There is lots going on this month - so make sure to check in to the site and get involved.

A non formal education team meeting - see Tricia's post on the front page.

Nature Challenge Follow-Up

Hey there Randi!

 This is Simon from Sea to sky.  I couldn't find your email through the site so I thought I would try this method. 

 I would love to chat about using the Nature Challenge Teachers Kit for follow up at Sea to sky.

Walkingthetalk Launch Party - Wine and Cheese

Plans are underway for a wine and cheese event at the Vancouver Museum on Friday October 20th...early evening...for a WalkingtheTalk Launch.

This is great news as the folks at EEPSA and GVRD are hosting a full day of activities for sustainability in schools and this will be a great way to bring in more folks to network and find out about this project.

question about NGO partnerships

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with establishing a partnership between 2 NGOs. I'm interested in setting one up for a specific project (including hiring a contractor jointly) and wonder if anyone has any experience they can share (administration, potential pitfalls, benefits, etc.)

Inspiring Sustainability in BC Schools

EEPSA and the GVRD are hosting this amazing event for teachers on October 20th. See attached flyer for more details. Thanks Bruce for sending this along...

involvement with the GVRD's sustainability breakfast

For those who were present at our meeting on 12 September, we talked about the non-formal group connecting with the GVRD's sustainability breakfast. I attended teh breakfast this morning and had a chat with the GVRD's new person in charge of the breakfasts about presenting something on sustainability education. If anyone is interested in working with me to take this further, or to possibly present, I'd love to hear from you.

Meeting on October 12th

Are we meeting on the 12th? I would really like to know. rob

Mainstream Campus Sustainability


New Survey Shows Campus Sustainability Becoming Mainstream A new survey conducted for University Business magazine and Education and Institutional Cooperative Services shows that "[t]here is a distinct trend among colleges and universities toward environmental sensitivity" and therefore "implementing [sustainability] initiatives will likely become a requirement for institutions desiring to be in the mainstream of higher education." The survey, titled "Institutions of Higher Education: A Study of Facilities and Environmental Considerations," covered professionals involved facility purchasing decisions - including campus facilities planners and managers; college presidents; and finance, business, purchasing, and academics managers - at 470 colleges and universities. Specifically, the survey found that: nine of 10 campuses take sustainability into account in deciding upon new products and equipment, including consumables, furnishing and building materials; three-quarters are switching to environmentally friendly janitorial products equipment; one of three now has or will likely have offices of sustainability; and three-quarters will consider LEED certification in future construction or renovation projects.

Campus 2020 and questions

Thought this clip for a forum post by Yona Sipos on Thu, 2006-08-10 22:48 might be of interest to the group.

Campus 2020 link
The provincial government recently launched a new initiative for post-secondary education in BC, "Campus 2020: Thinking Ahead." See

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