GVRD Sustainability Community Breakfasts

We talked at our meeting on Tuesday about the GVRD's sustainability breakfasts so I thought I'd pass on the information about the next one. You can also go to the GVRD website.

Getting on with the Talloires declaration

So Friends, Here is the link to the declaration site: now, we need to do our processing and discussing...

Follow Up to Sept. 12th Meeting

Good morning and thanks to everyone who came to Harbour Centre yesterday for the first pre-official working group meeting. We had an interesting day with people from a range of sectors and organizations. By the end of the meeting we had some new volunteers that will help to co-ordinate the next meetings for the sector teams. For those of you who did not attend this meeting - we are hoping you will attend the next sector team meetings (higher education, K-12, non formal). We are still looking for someone to co-ordinate the non-formal team! At this point we will be compiling the action items and notes from the meeting and posting them online. We will also be setting up new groups so that you can keep in touch. Stay tuned for more information. I've posted here the powerpoint slides from the meeting yesterday.

Vancity Speaker Series - Global Warming

Vancity is presenting a speaker series in Vancouver this fall. The first one is on 25 September. From their website:

Global Warming: The Biggest Show on Earth

Is there hope, or are we a hopeless case? What will it take to unchange our changing climate?

Tuesday Sept. 12, 2006 - Meeting for BC Working Group on Sustainability Education

On Tuesday, we will be hosting our first meeting towards the formation of a BC Working Group on Sustainability Education. The expected outcomes of the meeting are tod discuss the vision, successes and challenges of the walkingthetalk project. Participants will be able to interact with the website and there will be open space to network and exchange ideas.

Industrial Ecology

So, concepts that have intrigued me recently in regards to sustainability are Industrial Ecology and Bio-Regional Planning. There are some amazing initiatives regardin urban densification and sustaible buildings.

Gearing up for September

Amazing.. 132 people in the network without any advertising! We are spending lots of time getting ready for the first working group meeting on Sept. 12th. The plan is to have a number of 'team' meetings during the fall that will be connected to sectors and themes. We are working on updating the site so that we can all create 'groups' and the teams will evolve organically! That's the stay tuned for how to create groups and how to get involved in the team meetings.

checking things out

I've noticed in checking out other people listed as in Victoria, that no one seems to be keeping a blog at all! I can understand that, as I myself keep my own personal blog, and am a little too busy to do much more than that. However, it's kindof nice to see something there when you're checking other people out on this network.

SFU Local Food Project

Sustainable SFU, The Centre for Sustainable Community Development and Local Solutions has initiated a Local Food Project at SFU. The project is funded by Environment Canada. It's goals are to increase institutional and individual procurement, encourage campus agriculture projects and educate the SFU community on the benefits of purchasing locally produced and processed foods.

Counting on Vancouver

Counting on Vancouver: Our view of the region is the title of a report that the Regional Vancouver Urban Observatory released this past June 2006, at the World Urban Forum. The report serves a number of different, related purposes: to honour the hard work of about 100 volunteers from around the region over 6 months to come up with key indicators of sustainability for our region; to show through the best available data Vancouver's best successes and most desperate failures toward and away from sustainability; to connect our goals and trends to international goals and trends; and (not least!) to inspire action toward a sustainable future.

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