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FEBRUARY 24–27, 2008
Toronto Ontario Canada
NOVEMBER 16–19, 2008
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Critique of Undergraduate Economics Textbook

2007-12-04 09:54

Gille Raveaud, PhD in economics, wrote a critique of Gregory N. Mankiw's very popular introductory economics textbook which is in the current Adbuster's magazine (see ttp://

A Guide to A Sustainable Food Purchasing Policy

 The Guide is intended to help universities, colleges, hospitals, and other institutions – as well as those advocating for food system change – create, promote and implement practical sustainable food purchasing policies.

Place-based education in Victoria

I am a recent graduate from the University of Victoria PDPE program - Middle School Option.

During my internship, it became apparent that the structure of the classroom and the limitations forced by a timetable with 45 minute blocks was  preventing students being exposed to sustainability education. The limitations of the schedule made it impossible or very difficult to teach interdisciplinary lessons outside of the classroom. Experiential learning in the field was therefore not part of the way curriculum was delivered.


Walkingthetalk Newsletter #13

December has arrived and the holidays will soon be upon us. Welcome to walkingthetalk newsletter #13. This is a short monthly collection of recent postings on the walkingthetalk website to give you an idea what's new. While you're at the site, you may want to make some new connections, let others in the network know what you're working on, or post an event or resource. Please feel free to share this newsletter with others.

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