INSPIRING SUSTAINABILITY In BC Schools: teaching and learning in-action for Green Schools and Communities

In October, 2008. EEPSA is presenting a fall conference to highlight and sharesuccess stories around sustainability in BC schools.Are you involved in (or aware of) a cool school-based sustainability action project?  Earth Clubs, field trips, community connections, administrator initiatives, board-wide plans, parent-inspired action, student ideas, lesson plans, unit ideas and rich learning resources - are supporting meaningful learning and change in schools throughout BC.At this years conference, EEPSA and our many partners in sustainability education will share numerous examples of what is working to advance sustainability in BC Schools.  SHARE a brief idea of what you are doing that’s working and enter to WIN 2008 EEPSA CONFERENCE REGISTRATION (One name will be drawn during a summer EEPSA Executive meeting.)  email: the responses we will draw one winner to attend the conference for free.  EEPSA hopes to create a web-based collection of success stories to link to the revised Ministry Document “Environmental Learning and Experience”. More information and registration will be available soon on the EEPSA website. is a dynamic volunteer organization promoting networking,curriculum support, and leadership in environmental education.