Future Boundary Growers

We are a new society and have had success with our first attempt to connect K-7 students to where there food comes from. The project was Future Boundary Growers and the society partnerd with local greenhouses and donated medium, pots and plants to our local schools.We had a very hard time getting the local teachers to buy into the project. Once we got into the schools and provided a speaker to talk to the students and show them the procedure the kids loved it, as well the teachers. This year we wanted to put germination stations into the schools to further the learning prosess. In this way the students could germinate their own plants , flowers and even bring the started plants to seed saver events and sell them, bringing funds into the schools. When we fill out the funding from say Evergreen it asks for who is going to look after the station and this is where the school has to step up and they are reluctant. How do we get this to be part of the curriculum so the teachers do not see it as extra work???