The Media and the Message - Walkingthetalk Chat!

2007-03-09 15:30
2007-03-09 16:30

Chat Subject: The media and the message: Come chat with us about sustainability, education, and the media

> What is the role of the media in sustainability education?
> Why work with the media?

> How can sustainability educators connect with the media and the public?

> When: Friday, March 9th, 3:30 pm Pacific

> Who's invited: Sustainability educators, members of the media, and other interested folk!

> Guest speaker: Ethan Baron, reporter for the Vancouver Province
> Members of the Walking the Talk sustainability education network (NGOs, business, academe, government).

> Join us to share:
• Your media successes (or less successful stories)
• Creative ideas
• Suggestions for collaboration

> For more information on how to access the chat, please contact

> For more information on the Walking the Talk network, go to