Sustainable Living Rally, Abbotsford, 2-4pm

2010-09-18 14:00
2010-09-18 16:00

Sustainable Living Rally

Sponsored by The Sierra Club of Canada

Abbotsford, BC

Saturday September 18, 2010 – 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Eagle Mountain Park - 2570 Eagle Mountain Way

*This event is family friendly.*

Sustainable living is performing our day-to-day routines in way that
leaves natural resources for future generations. Sustainable planning
allows development that meets the needs of the present yet has the least
impact by protecting reasonable portions of green space and habitat for
wildlife to thrive. For example, BC being situated on the Pacific Flyway
and has a local and international responsibility to protect migratory birds
- without sustainable planning the number of migratory birds on the species
at risk list will continue to grow.

Topics:  Introduction: Sustainable Being (Marlisa Power) Livable
Neighborhoods, (Dr. Tracy Lyster, citizens against urban sprawl society
(CAUSS) Minimizing Your Waste/Urban Transit  (John Vissers, Zerowaste &
Rail for the Valley) Agricultural Land Reserve & Mining (Lynn Perrin,
Director of the Farmland Defence League, Abbotsford)
Municipal Governments in BC are struggling to balance demands of
development with sustainable planning.  Sustainable planning promotes
residential and commercial developments that allow populations to increase
while retaining neighbourhood character (feeling & safety) without
destroying critical green spaces and wildlife habitat.   Green spaces
provide free and without asking – wildlife habitat, air purification,
soil retention, oxygen, temperature moderation and places to unwind and
reconnect with the earth and ourselves.  
Sustainable Living/Planning = Greener Cities

Unable to attend?  Send Abbotsford Mayor George Peary & City Council a
note ( cc: asking for
sustainable planning.  Ask Council to demonstrate their commitment by
placing a moratorium on residential development until Eagle Mountain and
Falcon Ridge developments; which promised over 600 multi-family residences,
are complete.  This will save acres of green spaces.