Otesha Cycling and Performing Tours 2011

2011-05-01 13:05

You are ready for something real, something unconventional. And you're just the person we're looking for.

Your bike will be your stallion; theatre,your sword. You’ll valiantly cycle from performance to performance, connect with communities along the route, brave the elements, and explore all the ups and downs of directly addressing environmental and social justice issues through your every day actions.

The play that your team performs will educate others, and others will educate you. You will be changing the world. No bike touring, theatre, or other experience necessary: just willingness to give it your all.

The Otesha Project is now putting together teams of a dozen or more motivated and energetic young volunteers,aged 18 to 30, who will share in an incredible experience living in mobilesustainable communities. You can be one of them.

Intrigued? Apply.  First applied first considered. Applicationsfor spring tours due March 1.


Tours Offered in 2011

May to June: People's Performance Tour - Toronto to Sudbury
May to June: Phenomenal Food Tour - Toronto to Ottawa
Sept to Oct: SunshineCoast Tour - Vancouverto Victoria


If you are lookingfor an amazing opportunity to see the country, inspire others and change yourlife you should be on an Otesha tour.

–        Joel Robison (2010 Otesha Alumni)


Why apply? For that feeling youget after about a week on the road, when you realize that this is an amazingly fulfilling experience. Each day you’ll gain experience with sustainable living,community building, theatre, leadership training, activism, and bicycle touring.


What is ‘Otesha’? It’s a national youth-run charitable organization created in 2002. Otesha has inspired over 115,000Canadians through theatre and workshops to re-evaluate their daily consumer choices to reflect the kind of world they want to live in. Check it out: www.otesha.ca


We look forward to hearing about what you envision for a better world.